What is Lifeonaire Coaching?

Lifeonaire is devoted to helping people discover how to live abundant, truly prosperous lives. Much like a millionaire possesses a lot of money, a Lifeonaire enjoys having a lot of life.

Sadly, far too many people in our society are plagued by stress, debt (or both) and lack a sense of fulfillment and purpose—all of which are caused by a lack of clarity in their vision for their life.

A Lifeonaire’s journey often begins by hearing a friend’s experience, stumbling on a blog post, or a forum post, possibly reading the book, or maybe even from one of our game-changing Get-a-Life Getaway experiences. For many, these are the critical origins to step boldly forward into something much greater.

Lifeonaire Coaching is not for everyone. It’s for those who are serious about accelerating their Vision, and taking adventurous (sometimes even scary) steps forward in life, and boldly reshaping their life around the values and Vision of a Lifeonaire. 

Who are our Lifeonaire Coaches?

Our Coaches know first-hand what being a Lifeonaire really looks like—yes, by way of the many years of experience in their own Lifeonaire journey—but also by being mentored, coached and championed by other Lifeonaires as part of a coaching group of Lifeonaire cohorts.

Learn a little more about them here…

Chuck Bauman ⇢

Chuck Bauman II is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and Lifeonaire. He coaches many successful business people and has helped thousands of people to live their visions now rather than later. He has more certifications that will fit in a bio but mostly he knows how to get results…Results that allow people to grow their businesses in a way that creates more free time for the business owners to focus on the truly important aspects of their lives as defined by them.

Chuck is a decorated combat veteran, a cancer survivor and a one of the principle voices of Lifeonaire. His insight and wisdom make him one of the most sought after coaches in the arena today and his ability to cut thru all the propaganda and break things down to their essence is legendary among those he works with.

Aricka & Jonathan Brazer ⇢

The Brazer Couple has an accountability focused coaching style and will assist you in automating your business and building a business that serves you, instead of a business that you serve. With this mindset and dedication to your vision, you will be able to work less, make more, and live an abundant and blessed lifestyle. Being a God-centered family, their goal is to assist you in living a lifestyle of stewardship, accountability, and finding your purpose.

The Brazers have a successful real estate business in which they do rehabs, wholesales, lease option/subject 2 deals, and mobile homes. They not only have a thriving Lifeonaire coaching group, Phoenix Rising, but they also have a successful sub-group of real estate investors they coach. Their Lifeonaire coaching students have full access to all of the real estate systems they have developed over the years, one-on-one time, and all of the benefits Lifeonaire has to offer.

Jonathan is a USMC Veteran and natural born leader who motivates and thrives under pressure. He has a background in sales and negotiations and is always up for a challenge. He enjoys the end result of a pressure driven goal. Jonathan feels most alive when playing outdoor sports, wood working, and spending time with him family and friends. He has a passion for missions and goes to Guatemala each year with Lifeonaire Missions to assist in home building, providing shoes, school supplies, and food for the families there. This “Kingdom Work” is an extremely rewarding opportunity to give back and see God change the lives of students and their families.

As the youngest of five children, Aricka was raised in and is influenced by a God and family-centered culture. Compassionate and caring, when she makes the connection to befriend you you are family for life. As a self taught musician and singer, she has an innate attention to detail and empathy towards others. Her background in business management enables her to quickly spot the inefficiencies of a process and redirect them towards an efficient and successful end-goal. Aricka is an authentic and direct woman who thrives best when helping others to stay on task while finding their “why.”

Currently the Brazer’s reside in Pevely, Missouri, in a home they wrote into existence when they developed their vision in 2013. Their home was in their vision for two years before it appeared to them as an opportunity on a bandit sign. It is a beautiful 1800s two-story farmhouse with three additional residences and the original barn and chicken coop from the early 1800s on a picturesque 10.5 acres. They have one son, Myles, who is the light of their life and was born a Lifeonaire. They get to spend everyday with him and get to teach him how to grow up.

Steve Cavanaugh ⇢

Steve Cook ⇢

Steve Cook’s rags to riches story and his journey through the ups and downs of life has inspired many. His deep faith and love for helping others has called him to a life of “giving back”. He believes the greater blessing of all is to be able to bless others. He lives very intentionally, and his vision of living in a simple life in a small but vibrant town has become a reality. Along with his beautiful wife Micheleen, and children they experience an incredible life in Wisconsin.

Professionally he is a real estate investor that has done over 550 deals. He is an author, speaker and coach. His life’s passion is teaching Lifeonaire where he helps others to live and experience abundant lives.

He gives God all the glory for the many blessings he has in his life!

Tim & Lindsay Dougherty ⇢

Charley Engen ⇢

Charley has been a follower of Jesus Christ for over two decades. He has been married to his wife Kelly for 26 years and has 9 children (7 boys and 2 girls.) For nearly three decades he has never had a “real job” and has started many successful businesses. Realizing that many of those businesses required too much of his time, he has focused the last few years on business ownership. Being a business owner has allowed him time to focus on relationships in his family, church and community.

Building relationships is what gives Charley his true life purpose and meaning. Connection to people is the driving force in his vision. Charley has started many businesses and has found that multiple income streams work better for him then a single stream. Prior to entering the real estate market, he owned and operated a thriving excavation business. After defining his vision, he found that being an operator was not where he wanted to be. He has successfully flipped dozens of properties, purchased and rehabbed a portfolio of 40 single family rentals. Current streams include a free and clear rental portfolio, flipping houses and coaching on life, business, and real estate.

Identifying his big “why” has allowed Charley to be vision-focused and in control of his time. He has spent decades mentoring men from work and church on a wide range of topics, from being a better husband and father to balancing work and family time.

Mentoring college students has become a new journey where he is helping those just starting out in their careers to make plans for their life. Lifeonaire has been life-transforming for Charley and his family. As their older children finish school, they are entering the real estate business with him. He has been able to hand the day-to-day operations of the business to his two eldest children. His vision allowed him to enjoy experiences on his Bucket List in the present, and not postpone his joy to the future. On his Bucket List was a trip with his father to the family grave site in North Dakota and to see the Badlands in South Dakota. Also on his Bucket List was a road trip across the western US with his wife and all nine kids. Before Lifeonaire, “work” would have made these trips impossible.

Charley has found that the principles taught in Lifeonaire can’t help but transform your life when you are living with intention and with a written vision. His vision is to impact as many individuals and families with the transformation principles of Lifeonaire as possible.

Dave Garcia ⇢

Dave Garcia is a man of God, Husband to his wife Becky and Father of two daughters Kastein and Samantha and his son Cory.

Dave started investing at the age of 23 and for the last 26 years he has bought and sold hundreds of homes. Today he successfully owns 5 companies that provide him the time he needs to spend with his family. As Co Coach of T7 and T8, Dave specializes in helping his students identify strategies to navigate through the 4 stages of prosperity.

Dave and his wife Becky achieved their vision and were living a stage 4 lifestyle within 18 months of joining Lifeonaire. Although he was a successful investor before joining Lifeonaire he contributes his quality time with his family to the principals that Lifeonaire teaches.

Dave has helped many Lifeonaire’s reach stage 4 and even taught his 19-year-old daughter how to buy her first investment home with 100% investor money generating 500.00 a month passive income for herself.

If you are an experienced Real Estate investor or current business owner looking to reduce the number of hours you work and live the life you always wanted then Coach Garcia is the perfect Coach to help get you there.

Ken Holmes ⇢

After graduating college and bumming around the world for a while as a raft guide and ski bum, Ken began his business career in 1987 as a real estate appraiser. He began buying rentals a few years later and flipped his first house in 1995. He has been self-employed for 20 years and has owned appraisal, property management, and investment real estate businesses.

Over the years Ken has done almost every type of real estate investing – rehabs, rentals, subject-to deals, lease options, development and new construction. He has seen low interest rates and high. He has seen buyers markets and seller markets. He has adjusted his investing strategies again and again to meet the different investing environments. He has had great years and years with many challenges and uses this experience as he coaches newer investors.

Today Ken focuses mainly on rehabs using private money. He is a proponent of debt-free business and a Lifeonaire lifestyle. He believes in controlling his own money via self-directed IRA’s and invests with other Lifeonaires this way. He formed the Lifeonaire Investor Group as a way to facilitate these investments and also as a way to help others understand how self-directed IRA’s work.

He coaches Lifeonaire Titanium with a passion for keeping others from making all the mistakes he made along the way. Since joining Lifeonaire in 2010 Ken Holmes has gone from having three full time businesses and an office with staff to running just one real estate business out of his room over the garage at home. He now has way more time to spend with his wife, kids, and hobbies. In other words—he now has a LIFE! And his income is better than what he had with all those businesses. He enjoys the great outdoors via whitewater kayaking and camping.

Polish Peter ⇢

Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from achieving the success you want? 

If so, the fact is that over 80% of success is determined by your mindset and Peter may be the guy for you.

Peter Kolat, known as Polish Peter in the industry, is one of the top transformational coaches for Lifeonaire and the Immigrant entrepreneurs.

Because of his ability to speak into people’s lives and dive deep into what’s holding someone back from being successful, he’s been referred to as the Polish Tony (ref: tony Robbins) by his students.  

Currently, Peter coaches Lifeonaire’s “T7” and the “Immigrants United” groups. 

Originally born in Poland, Peter came to the United States when he was only 14 years old.  Unable to speak English and just a suitcase in his hand, Peter landed in a small town called Hamtramck, a suburb city of Detroit area.  Fast-forward to today; Peter owns a successful national business development and coaching company that has worked with high 6 and 7 figure businesses in 16 different industries around the country.   His clients consistently return positive ROIs in their lives & businesses.   One of his recent clients just passed 100,000 leads directly from FB that resulted in over quarter million dollars in profit.

Polish Peter runs a successful online podcast & is a founder of 1st EVER Immigrant entrepreneur centered Coaching Mastermind right here in Lifeonaire.

On a personal level, Peter has 3 kids, loves the Detroit Red Wings, loves to travel around the country, is a people connector, embraces his Polish roots as part of his character and after 27 years, still calls Michigan his home.   J

Peter’s strengths come in the form of a rare combination of top level coaching, neuroscience, Tony Robbins trainings, human behavior trainings, personal life experiences (divorce, his dad was an abusive alcoholic, being a single parent) plus much more. He has extensive expertise in a wide range of diverse areas such as:

  • Uncovering and eliminating your limiting beliefs
  • Discovering your BIG WHY to drive you in life
  • Reframing your mindset to take massive action and live your vision.
  • Business development, growth and systems setup
  • Effective communication
  • Parenting, dating and personal growth
  • Marketing, online sales, funnel development & copywriting
  • Ability to speak to and relate to the immigrants and the culture in US to live the true American Dream.

Lastly, Polish Peter’s LIFE Vision calls for him to be “a remarkable contribution to everyone he comes in contact with leaving them empowered, enabled and present to their own greatness” and he wishes to be able to do the same for you and your life.


Brett & Jacci Konkle ⇢

Brett and Jacci Konkle have been through a LOT of life-correcting experiences in the more than 20 years they’ve been together, but finding the Lifeonaire vision is what began the change for the better. They’ve always struggled to get businesses started and profitable while trying to live life at the same time. From bankruptcy to massive success, they’ve lived it all together, but most times it was just too busy and stressful.

Today, they have a better scope on life with their vision in front of them, and there’s a much happier balance of life, business, life experiences, and giving back. There’s plenty of time to enjoy it all, and take the kids away to play every weekend.

The Konkles are real estate investors and local mentors in their REIA. They have invested in just about every type of real estate possible so far. They have found great success in their real estate business while also being able to help others in totally non-related businesses. The principles are the same no matter what you do, and they enjoy sharing those concepts and the Lifeonaire vision-building with other stressed out entrepreneurs. Brett and Jacci live in Freedom, WI with their two daughters, Kyla and Hailey, a flock of egg laying chickens and their little dog, Piddles.

Amanda Markley ⇢

Amanda Markley came to Lifeonaire after almost ten years in the insurance and investment industry. She had grown up in a multi-generational family of entrepreneurs, and was able to directly learn from her incredible dad, who was a serial entrepreneur (just kidding, but seriously – he ran over 20 businesses). She started her first business at 19 yrs old.

Running her own financial firm presented many opportunities for impacting people, and gaining valuable experiences, but she had really become an expert at surviving 90 -100 hr work weeks, managing 60+ employees, meal prepping and household management techniques through chaos, handling her own limiting beliefs and an abusive relationship, and sometimes juggling other part time jobs to make ends meet within her business and home life. Ultimately, she was bored, exhausted, lonely, seriously burnt out! She didn’t really know herself, her passions, or her family any more. “This is not what life is supposed to be like”, she thought to herself often.

Her hard work left her with a failed relationship, a pending lawsuit, and some tough business decisions to make in the end. She then realized that her passion wasn’t for the financial industry, but for financial education. Having seen thousands of families discuss finances together, work through their marriages with her, and plan for their futures, she set out to find a way to focus more just that – coaching families through life, business, and tough discussions about their future. This seemed way more fun!

After some serious soul searching (and basically turning herself into a science experiment for a year), she realized that she had been through hell and back, and not only survived, but was able to thrive! (Cliche, but true.)

Amanda’s true passion lies in helping organizations and entrepreneurs make their goals become a reality for the benefit of others’ growth and an enhanced community. She loves helping people look at their past, present, and future, to address everything they are avoiding. She loves doing the “real” work with people, getting in the trenches with them, and helping them light their internal fire again.

In the past, her businesses lent to her coaching employees on how to take ownership in their work, developing managers to be true leaders, and collaborating with other business owners about focused growth and expanded visions. She has also worked to develop courses on onboarding, time management, marketing psychology, personal and leadership development, non-profit trainings, and other specific subject matter areas. Some of Amanda’s other skills include:

  • Systems Development and Time Management

  • Financial/Budget Planning and Education

  • Operational Recruitment, Retention, Management, and Care

  • Curriculum and Continuing Education Development, along with Group/Individual Training

She enjoys rock and ice climbing, running (very) long distances, backpacking, traveling, learning languages, meeting new people, writing, and singing in her free time. If you are looking for her, you will most likely find her outside, planning her next adventure. Her greatest joy in life is knowing that Lifeonaire has helped her smile again – finding true work life balance – and supporting that fairytale dream life. She would say, “Dreams really do come true.”

Joe Michel ⇢

  • Basic history- After graduating from college in late 2007 during the worst recession in his lifetime he grabbed any job he could find. Climbing a toxic corporate ladder was unappealing. He was bit by the real estate bug back in 2010 and created an exit strategy from his day job.  Before joining lifeonaire Joe was working 2 jobs, growing a business and ruining his marriage. Since then, he has put life and wife first while making his business work for him.
  • Joe knows how to set the right course and make adjustments along the way.  He has clarity in his Vison. Never stop leveling up. Helping mankind with his strengths is at the top of Vison. Whether it’s through better than market rentals, coaching his students or developing a presence beyond our own plant. Reaching for the stars is not metaphor, it’s a viable game plan.
  • With Joe you have access to all of his processes in business and life alike. He listens to people with his whole body. He cuts through to the heart of the issue, breaks down what matters and helps build a road map to THEIR success. Out of the box ideas and solutions are his specialty.  
  • “I want to be my students G.P.S. Find out where they are, where they want to go and guide them there as quickly as possible.” -Joe


Bill Morillo ⇢

JP Moses ⇢

JP Moses is “a roughly-hewn man-child” (his own words) who first got into real estate after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad back in Y2K and went ‘full time’ in 2002. Through many twisty turns in his business over the years, he’s tinkered in everything from landlording to short sales to rehabs to Realtoring to lease options to REOs, he started and ran his local REIA club for 6 years, blah, blah, blah… Until he finally dug deep into wholesaling houses and since flipped somewhere north of 600+ transactions. Then discovered flipping land, which suits his style and Vision even awesomer.

Today JP enjoys most being a ‘creative ideas architect’, and build business and human beings into better versions of themselves. He’s also El Presidente of AwesomeREI.com, a role that let’s him have gobs of fun on the internet helping people become awesomer in their own real estate endeavors.

Involved in Lifeonaire since it’s inception, JP’s passionate about helping others along their journey, and pours a ton of his heart and soul into sharing from the real-life lessons learned from his own real estate and business-building experiences. He’s also a guy of deep faith, and a die-hard family man, almost died in a traumatic car crash in 2016, and it’s a story you should definitely ask him about sometime.

Among his core values are authenticity, creativity, leadership, value-giving, general fun-ness and being unshaven. He’s super proud to bring an extra dose of awesomeness to Lifeonaire as a long time member and coach. He also finds writing about himself in the third person strangely enjoyable.

Kathy Neubauer ⇢

Kathy Neubauer is a person who truly believes in the value of people and makes it her mission to share the message of communication and connection through leadership. Kathy is currently an International Life and Leadership Coach in her own business, Kathy’s Coaching (KathyNeubauer.com), as well as works as a Life Coach for Lifeonaire.

She believes that everyone is a leader and that each person has influence over those around him/her, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In her opinion, Leadership is not a title but rather a character trait that once developed changes a person’s whole outlook on life, relationships, and business.

Kathy finds great joy walking beside her clients and serving them as they begin to experience what they really, really desire for their lives: both personally and professionally. She has been blessed with the uncanny ability to connect and communicate with others which allows people to let their guard down and find their authentic selves, improving all aspects of their lives. Through the idea that, “We don’t know what we don’t know,” Kathy opens people up to identifying the blind spots that may be holding them back from excelling to the next level. Once these areas are revealed, incredible things begin to happen! She believes that everyone has a lid that blocks his/her potential and those who are dedicated to the process will soar beyond their greatest imaginations! She has countless successful clients, who see her not only as a coach, but as a friend.

“Kathy is such a caring person. Her loving demeanor and giving heart makes her easy to talk to, like you have been friends for years even if you just met her.” Ken H. Real-Estate Investor, Columbia, SC

Kathy spent more than thirty-five years in the healthcare industry, with the majority of that time in a Health Insurance management role, and was the “Director of Health Claims and Configuration” prior to transitioning to coaching full-time. Her management style has always been a “People First Culture,” which resulted in a very successful career.

Kathy fully embraced the concept, “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” Her focus was to invest in the personal growth of her team, creating more leaders than followers. Together, they achieved significant success. Throughout her career, she maintained less than a 2% turnover rate versus a 12.2% turnover rate in the insurance industries, according to a 2016 Compensation Force study. She attributes that to her leadership style.

In Kathy’s humble opinion, leadership style is something anyone can learn, and this belief helps drive her personal growth and coaching business. In 2016, Kathy left the corporate world and pursued her passion to make a difference in the lives of others. This led her to become a certified speaker, coach and trainer on the John Maxwell Team. She is also a certified Maxwell DISC Method Trainer and Consultant. Kathy has always believed in the principles of John Maxwell and led her business leadership in that manner.

During her own journey of personal growth, Kathy realized that there was so much that people just don’t know about themselves and each other. Because of that lack of understanding, people have become a society of survivors who often struggle to find joy in their day-to-day lives. Kathy has experienced many deep trials and challenges in her life, which she now understands were necessary. These experiences taught her the lessons she needed to follow her purpose and passion in life and make a difference in the lives of others.

In addition to her successful coaching career Kathy is a successful single woman, with two amazing adult children, 7 incredible grandchildren and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Her family is her pride and joy. Kathy spends a great deal of her time serving others in a number of ministries and mission programs, locally and internationally. She is the Vice President of the not-for-profit organization, Women of Worship Sorority.

Jeremy Vlasich ⇢

With over 16 years of real estate experience, Jeremy is a recognized expert in the field of real estate and real estate investing. He has extensive experience in a variety of real estate roles, from working with traditional buyers and sellers to running a real estate investment company. From marketing and meeting with sellers, to wholesaling and completing full rehabs, Jeremy has done it all.

Jeremy was a former owner and broker with Keller Williams Realty in St. Louis, but his true passion lies with serving and providing for his coaching students and clients.

Jeremy is married to his wonderful wife, companion, and best friend, Mary Ann, and has 4 beautiful daughters. He lives on 3.8 acres in the woods outside of the St. Louis MO area, which is a great venue for his hobbies! He loves spending time with his daughters and wife.

Also, Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys reeling in monster bass on a fly rod, deer hunting, pollinating the 2 mile area around his house through bee-keeping, and testing himself on amazing single track trail running around his house. Often, you will find Jeremy “rolling” and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is a new found passion. Jeremy enjoys traveling to new places and experiencing all the World has to offer.

Throughout his years in real estate, Jeremy has created processes and solutions to streamline and scale his business, while working to keep it client-centered. He is insightful, dedicated, and wants to help you achieve your professional and personal goals. While working to help you uncover your personal strengths and blind spots in your business and life, Jeremy will help you formulate a personal development plan based on your unique business and personal goals plus walk alongside you throughout the process. Jeremy will challenge and push you to overcome any ceilings or limits in your business and life. If you fall down during this process, he will also be there to help pick you up!

“When you find people that truly want you to be successful, it’s amazing what a human being can accomplish.” -Heath Pedigo

Jeremy is intense and results driven- his coaching is not for everyone. If you are driven, motivated, and you want someone who approaches both business and life with full on passion for getting things done, then Jeremy is a great option to help you substantially improve your business and life!

Jason Wojo ⇢

From PhD scientist and former national-level bodybuilder to full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur to now being a coach, lead speaker, and CEO of Lifeonaire, Jason’s life and business experience is vast and varied. Wojo started as a student in Lifeonaire in 2009 and has been all-in since, having personally experienced the tremendous impact of the principles and coaching in his own life. His passion is spreading the message and his belief is that Lifeonaire is the light that our dark world needs. He has a beautiful wife, two daughters, a wiener dog named Rusty and lives in North Carolina. For fun he lifts things up and puts them down and plays guitar in the worship band at his church.